Grand Circle Travel Poster: Maori Culture


The most interesting aspect of this project was actually the opportunity to create a vintage poster. It’s something that I’ve never done before but always had great interest. At first, I thought I had a keen sense of how I wanted to approach my concept, but it didn’t work out. The idea was to implement several significant pieces from New Zealand into a poster. But I had to go back the drawing board and simplified my concept even further which led to the champagne pool concept. The champagne pool is a popular tourist attraction, but it was the colors of the water that drew my attention. And with the help from Daryl, he introduced me to some really neat vintage posters to look at whether it be a vintage poster from the past or a modern approach of vintage posters. I noticed how flat shapes are highly emphasized and shadows.

Those were the two elements that I’ve implemented into my poster with a touch of a grainy-texture to give off that vintage feel. Color and typography played a key role for this poster. Finding the color to balance the green, blue, and orange was important. Therefore, the shades of grey compliments this. I thought choosing a sans serif type would be suited best since it’s surrounded by flat, and jagged shapes.


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