Senior Show Spring 2016

When I look at my own body of work and I see that I’ve accomplished the style that I’ve always strived for in which are simple, clean, and a touch of minimalism. But there is always room for improvement in these areas. When I see all of my work in one place, I can’t believe that I made these pieces myself. Looking back where I started in Digital Tools class and today, it’s fantastic to see the growth and improvements overtime. The work represented here shows how my professors have always said that I have a strong sense of concepts. I’m able to get the message across with my ideas with my work.

The experience of putting together a gallery show has been quite significant. It shows how vital group communication is when preparing for an art show. The ability to keep everyone on the same page, and move forward together on the same idea. Overall, the process of setting up an art show has inspired me even more with ideas for future projects. I definitely want to explore more with poster designs. Recently, I’ve been looking at posters created by Graphic Designers, and the way they implement patterns heavily into their work resulting in beautiful, and abstract imagery.


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