Vintage Race Poster



This poster was a continuation from the Grand Circle Travel poster and a further study of the vintage style in race/automobile posters. The biggest challenge with this project were two things. The first challenge was to try to replicate the racecar by a digital photo created personally by me from a video game. Trying to clean out the background without compromising the vehicle itself was difficult. Although it was a challenge, my knowledge and skills with Adobe Illustrator had  improved, and I was able to isolate it at my best. The second challenge was to try to create motion using shapes and brushes to capture the vehicles in motion. It was tough to visualize how these shapes and gradients work together to create this cohesive sense of  motion.

The result was to utilize the negative space, and not to over complicate the setting or else things could get lost in translation. Overall, I am pleased with the results as well the positive reaction received at the Senior show. I would like to create more of these posters in the future since I’m a car enthusiast. This could possibly lead to a potential business in several scenarios.


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