Gary Dao

Hello! And welcome to a place what I like to call “evomunkのジャンク!” The title is in Japanese which means “evomunk’s Junk!” I like to call my creative pieces junk because it’s like the old saying, “another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Therefore, if someone comes across a piece of mine that catches their attention, then that junk becomes that person’s treasure. Well why do you call your work junk you ask? I call my pieces junk because it helps pushes me to produce quality work and also motivates me to improve after every project. Yes, it’s a strange way of thinking.

I’m a Studio Art Major concentrating in Graphic Design. Originally, I was a Computer Science Major four years ago. The decision to change majors was because it turned out that Computer Science wasn’t really my type of place to be. To be honest, the major was recommended to me, and I took the advice only because its a field where employment is at a high rate. The reason I decided to switch majors was because of the success I had been receiving regarding my photography in a videogame. A game that allows you to mix your passion of automobiles with art. It also got me a job offer with the same game company as well. Though I decided to finish and get my degree in Graphic Design first.

My goal is to become a successful candidate in the Graphic Design business, create memorable pieces that the world can relate to, but most importantly, creating my own identity.


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