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Yusuke Nakamura

In the photo above, Yusuke Nakamura is the 2nd person from the right.

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I was introduced to Yusuke Nakamura’s art from a Japanese rock band that I listen to called “Asian Kung-Fu Generation.” The majority of their album covers are done by Nakamura-san. As you can see, Nakamura-san’s mascot is a woman that is usually dressed in school clothing and sometimes is dressed casually. What attracts his artwork to most people are his complimentary colors and juxtaposition. Nakamura-san’s artwork are simply fun to view. Especially, discovering the small details that relates to the band.

You can also watch his artwork in motion in this music video for Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s “Atarashii Sekai,” in which means “New World.”

Asian Kung-Fu Generation – “Atarashii Sekai”