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Self-Promotional Pieces + Resume

From my perspective, InDesign works similar as to Microsoft Word, but InDesign’s system is more flexible. For instance, instead of moving around the page from left to right as you would in Microsoft Word, you have the ability to create a box of any size and apply sentences and paragraphs inside it, and move them freely anywhere on the page. And also, the ability to create presets and adjust the tracking and spacing between words and sentences. The presets come in handy and are very convenient. The final result of my resume has shown me an entire new perspective of how one should look. The new version makes the old version’s visual hierarchy look atrocious. It’s messy and outdated. Though to others, it’s their preferred hierarchy.

The challenge of representing myself through words is how the job summary description is crafted, from the selection of words to the spacing between words and sentences to the overall proportion of the paragraph. Clarity is key in all aspects. Through images, the challenge is how you can communicate with the people with shapes, lines, colors, and typeface. This language helps identify who you are as a Graphic Designer. This is important because it gives a good first impression to potential clients and/or employers who are looking to hire a candidate for work or special projects.

Overall, this project has given me more confidence to self-promote myself in the real world. Whether it may be for an employer or a client, it has shown me a new vision, a new process, of how to promote myself through images, and visual hierarchy. I’m very excited of future challenges, accomplishments, and growth that is to come. And I’m beginning to feel more comfortable as I work my way through and look forward to continue on improving my craft as a Graphic Designer.