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One of the things I like to collect are figurines. The picture in the middle are android figurines. And surrounding it are mini Transformer figurines placed back to back to present a roman structure and feel. Below, is the Transformer figurine used to create the pattern.






I had two of the same figurines due to the fact that when you buy these in stores, you don’t get to choose which figurine you want. The figurines are packaged in a small box that shows what you can collect from the series. Thundercracker was one of them. And so I randomly chose two boxes and unfortunately, ended with two of the same figure.

The process was quite simple to produce the roman structure-like image. I simply placed them in front of a white wall in my room and standing on top of a white drawer. Then, I used my DSLR, took a few shots, and uploaded them to Adobe Lightroom.




From there, I picked out which looked the best as far the one with less blur and decent lighting. I had adjusted the highlights and brightness to get more of a whiter background. Afterwards, I went in and cleaned up some of the white spots around the head of the figurine by using the lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop.

Next, I changed the mode Grayscale in order to unlock Duotone. In the duotone settings, I chose a blue tone because that particular tone is one of my favorite colors.

But when I had altered the color settings, the nose region was affected. There was a blue outline on the nose structure that appeared to be floating. Therefore, I removed the blue lines on both figures. Accidentally, it worked out great. It gave the image a whole new look. From there, I created several layers of the repeated pattern and flipped some of them upside down.





And with the image below, I simply cropped a particular area to use for the final piece.




Lastly, the gradient from gray to black was accidental. I continued to experiment with the tools in photoshop and came across the “Gradient Overlay” feature. The gradient helps keep the viewers eye focus on the androids.